about karnerblue

We accelerate new awareness, partnerships, and resources for the planning, implementation and management of strategic initiatives.

tina rongers, catalyst

The seed for Karnerblue was planted by the late Professor Mark Reshkin, a geologist, public policy expert and animated storyteller. During my first lecture in sustainability, he described an endangered "little blue butterfly in the shadow of industry" thriving after extensive ecological restoration in and around the US Steel Gary Works plant. He encouraged cross-sector partnerships for bridging the deep divides.

Enchanted by his Karneblue metaphor for sustainability, I furthered my studies and founded my consulting practice based on the United Nations Human Development Report framework. Currently, I am adapting another international model that I feel fully captures the root causes and diverse elements of the whole ecosystem.

The reality now is that we are facing wicked problems like climate change and the destructive othering of people. A heat wave in 2012 decimated the local population of Karners. In 2020, COVID ended the lives of a half million people in the US alone. Careless acts of hatred, violence, and division perpetuate. We may even risk democracy without peaceful interventions.

The general approach to sustainability has not radically elevated the wellbeing of all. At Karnerblue, we are on a mission to change that. We are prototyping new ways of thinking, doing and being sustainable - along side strong fundamentals - so that people & places evolve together. Let us help your community consciously connect with its growth potential while addressing imbalances from the past.


Together, we flourish. 

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